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Video Transcript

Change. Markets change… and clients change…

But it seems today, this need to face the ever-changing world is creating a murky, muddled environment.

On one hand there are some big firms, struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world…

struggling to find their identity…they are stuck in the past.

Then on the other hand, there are the small, the new and the unconventional firms.

But you have to question if they’re up to the task. If they’re going to be able to represent you…

if they have the depth and expertise, to understand your business and satisfy your needs.

Here’s the thing, in this world full of change… we know who we are…the best of both worlds.

Yes, we move with the times, we think outside the legal box, we provide innovative solutions tailored to the clients’ unique needs…

But we don’t see clients as a billing address… as a number… just another file.

We are a firm that puts the clients at the forefront of every decision. Collaborating to develop specific and unique approaches to meet their needs.

A firm where practitioners are at the forefront of their fields with an impeccable reputation for handling complex business issues, year after year.

Where expertise based on skills, knowledge and experience offers sound leadership, honed and grown through respect, co-operation and client-focused values.

We know who we are because we know that true value comes from efficient and exemplary service. Not operating in a predetermined box, but adjusting… thoughtfully evolving to deliver a custom approach.

A firm where fair value is the goal. Where it’s about quality over quantity… where we allocate the right amount of resources needed for each client’s case – no more, no less.

Where realistic, transparent and affordable fees are a tenet… no nickel and diming, that’s our promise.

Yes, in this ever-changing world, while others search for direction… we’re focused on providing our unique brand of refreshing, distinctive, right-sized thinking… because we’re focused, on our clients…

Pallett Valo – the best option…the clear option.

Your firm is operating at the highest standards possible in our profession.
Haig DeRusha, DeRusha Law Firm