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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

As litigation lawyers with many decades of experience in commercial, construction, estates and insolvency disputes, we know that sometimes the best results are achieved outside of the court room. Often an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approach, such as mediation, achieves better results than going to court, and in many cases will be faster, more confidential and less costly than proceeding with conventional litigation.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a non-binding process in which the parties to a dispute essentially work out their own solution with the help of a mediator, a neutral third party with special training in evaluating disputes and facilitating a solution that both sides can live with.

If the parties agree to mediation, they can choose a mediator with experience in the relevant legal areas and then work with the mediator to determine the most appropriate process. This process is highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the parties and the type of dispute at issue.

The mediator’s job is to effectively and skillfully guide the parties towards a mutually acceptable resolution by leading structured negotiation sessions. A mediator will help each side to understand both the strengths and weaknesses of their own and the other side’s position. In many cases, understanding where the opposing party is coming from helps both sides to identify the real interests and outcomes that are most important to them and, with the mediator’s help, achieve a “win-win” solution.

In difficult situations, skilled mediators can de-escalate conflict and employ a variety of proven techniques to keep negotiations moving. Mediators can also provide a neutral “reality check” to an over-confident opponent by assessing the merits of each side’s position based on their professional experience. Using a neutral third party to help with negotiations also allows the parties to craft flexible solutions that satisfy each party’s interests and allow them to preserve their business or personal relationships.

Once a solution is reached, the parties will sign off on the general terms of their settlement on the spot with any additional settlement document to be finalized later by their respective lawyers. The parties can agree that the terms of their resolution be kept strictly confidential.

Why Choose Pallett Valo For ADR Services?

ADR is Pallett Valo’s Right-sized Thinking approach to resolving disputes. With extensive training and experience in ADR combined with over 77 years of litigation experience, the members of our ADR Services group bring both clear legal analysis and practical, results-oriented thinking to the table.As neutral Mediators to all sides of a dispute, the members of our ADR Services group are known for their practical approach to negotiation and dispute resolution and are particularly well-versed in a variety of areas, including:

  • Complex commercial issues
  • Construction, insurance and real property disputes
  • Estates and Trusts matters
  • Claims arbitration in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Large and small business disputes and shareholder remedies

Our mediators can conduct mediations at facilities convenient to the disputant parties or mediations can be held at one of Pallett Valo’s two conveniently located facilities: one in Mississauga’s vibrant city centre, close to GO Transit and Mississauga Transit routes, as well as minutes away from the 401, 403, and QEW; and one in the heart of downtown Toronto, steps from TTC subway and streetcar routes. Our facilities include spacious boardrooms, breakout rooms, Wi-Fi, video conferencing, complimentary beverages and catering if desired.

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