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Rogers unveils new business show- (Brampton Business Times)

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David Wojcik knows business success is a step-by-step process.

Maybe that’s why he named his business coaching and workshops company, Steps to Success.

It’s the same thing with popular TV programs.

You have to take it one step at a time.

That’s exactly what the host/producer of Rogers Television’s newest show, In Business, is doing.

In Business is an “infotainment” program, says Wojcik, meaning: it will be chock full of features that should interest the business community all over the Region of Peel.

It will be different than all those talking head panel shows that currently glut the business TV airwaves, promises Wojcik.

“We want to be informative, entertaining and fast paced.”

To that end, the hour-long show will be divided into a half-hour of features on what’s new in technology, how businesses and business leaders got started in industry (including interviews with local business successes), plus reviews of the latest business books.

The second half of the program will be a live in-studio call-in, which also answers viewers’ email.

Wojcik got the idea for the show after attending a Mississauga Board of Trade networking event, and took it to Rogers, where he joined with Patrick Corbett, the sponsorship co-ordinator, to make it happen.

Together, they lined up an impressive list of sponsors (BDC, Pallett Valo LLP, and Fleet Street Financial, to name three), and began planning for this month’s first program.

The challenges of beginning a new program are many, but Wojcik is confident the show will become popular with the business community.

There will be some growing pains, says Wojcik, but the fact the show is partly live means the producers can respond to the latest business issues.

It's also timely with both the Canadian and U.S. populations heading to the polls both this month and next.

The recent collapse of investment banks on Wall Street has increased the interest of the general public in economic matters.

It's the driving force behind both the election here and in the U.S.

Each month, In Business will have a special theme, including October, which focuses on Small Business Month.

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