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Nozomi Zoe Smith  Nozomi (Zoe) Smith

Tell us about your position at Pallett Valo

My practice focuses on estate planning and administration. As an estate planner, I help individuals and families with putting their plans together in the event of incapacity and death.  I prepare Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, and Trusts for my clients to ensure that there will be someone who will speak for our clients and carry out their wishes. On the other side of my estate practice, I often advise Executors, Trustees and Attorneys and assist them navigating through the administration of estates and trusts. Everyone’s life is different and unique – this keeps my practice interesting and challenging.

What are some of your biggest achievements/accomplishments within your legal career and why are these so important to you?

During my time in law school, I volunteered in public legal education projects for making the basic legal information available in multiple languages, but Japanese was never one of those languages. Dealing with deaths or incapacity of your family can be extremely stressful especially if you don’t speak or read English and cannot access to the basic information available to the general public. I wanted to reach out to those who need basic guidance on estate matters in Japanese. I have published over 40 articles on various Wills and Estates issues in Japanese over the last several years.

How have you managed to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive legal field?

I have built a Japanese estate practice and serve the niche of Canada-Japan cross-jurisdictional estate matters. Through this niche practice, I can bring all of my background, uniqueness and skills to serve my clients.  My experience gained through my Japanese practice has also enriched my expertise in my general estate practice.  I believe my experience will continue to be valuable because the more diverse Canadian population becomes, the more chance that we will be dealing with estates with international aspects.

Contact Nozomi (Zoe) Smith at: 905.273.3022 Ext. 258

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