25th Estates and Trusts Summit (Day One)

Event Category: External Event
Time: -
Registration: $325

Law Society of Ontario

If you practise estates and trusts law, this annual summit is your resource for the year’s most important developments in this field. Our presenters address estates, trusts, and capacity/elder law litigation matters on the first day, and the focus shifts to planning, administration, powers of attorney, and tax matters on the second. Looking for a comprehensive summary of what you need to know about this growing practice area? Our speakers are experienced practitioners, judges, financial experts, and related professionals who can give you the latest information.

  • How far back should production requests go?
  • What are the key cases and developments in 2022 you need to know about?
  • How is the law changing on marriage validity?
  • How do ODSP and disability issues impact estate administration and litigation?
  • What has the Supreme Court said about rectification remedies?
  • What are cultural and jurisdictional considerations in estate planning?

Pallett Valo Speaker:

Krystyne Rusek, Lawyer


09:00 – 16:30