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OBA Seminar: Construction Remedies – Delay Claims

  • Event Date May 29, 2008

Speaker: Anna Esposito (February 25, 2008)

Construction lawyers typically represent parties at all levels of the construction pyramid. A
construction lawyer must therefore be familiar with the broad range of remedies available when
construction work goes badly and the parties are fighting over money. Most practitioners are
aware of the construction lien remedy, but the deadlines to exercise these rights are unforgiving
and can easily be lost through inadvertence, or if your client comes to see you for advice when it
is already too late to register a lien. In some cases, what seems like “construction work” to a
layperson may not fall under the Construction Lien Act at all, for example if the work was
performed in respect of industrial process machinery. Fortunately, in such situations all is not
lost. There are many other powerful remedies at your disposal to collect a debt owing for
services, labour or materials, or to assert a claim for delayed and deficient work. Attend this
conference so that you know how to pursue the appropriate remedies on behalf of your clients
with construction problems.

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