Pallett Valo Remembers Our Veterans

Published on: June 2019 | News

Pallet Valo Partner, Lieutenant-Colonel Ray Mikkola, far right

On June 6th, 1944, 14,000 soldiers of Canada’s 3rd Infantry Division plunged into the cold waters of Juno Beach, under withering fire from prepared defences. They were supported by 10,000 sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy on over 100 ships, together with a thousand fighters and bombers of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Canada suffered the highest losses of any Allied Division – on that single day, 359 Canadians were killed.

By 1945, thousands of Canadian war dead would be buried far from home, in the cemeteries of Europe.

We will remember them.

Fittingly, Pallett Valo’s Ray Mikkola officiated at the Last Post Fund remembrance ceremony at the National Field of Honour in Pointe Claire, Quebec on Sunday June 2nd.  The event was ably organized by the Quebec Branch of the Last Post Fund, and was attended by the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Quebec (as guest of honour), various veteran’s groups and supporters, serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and members of the public.

The Last Post Fund, celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, is a Canadian non-profit organization that has provided dignified burials and funerals for over 150,000 veterans since its inception. Pallet Valo Partner, Lieutenant-Colonel Mikkola (now retired from the army) is currently the National President of the Last Post Fund.