Sustainability Statement

Pallett Valo is committed to sustainability now and in the future.

This policy establishes the commitment of Pallett Valo to improve upon, wherever possible, the social, economic, and environmental sustainability within its business operations.

We understand that our activities as a business have an impact on the environment, the community, and our employees.

Our approach to sustainability involves:
  • Environmental sustainability: We will continuously improve our environmental performance in the areas of facilities and business operations.
  • Community sustainability: We will continuously improve our process to provide an inclusive, safe and well run work environment, that can resume operations quickly, if disrupted.
  • Human Capital sustainability: We will continuously strive to implement programs, practices and culture that are most important to our Human Capital now and into the future.

The executive of the firm will monitor and evaluate continuous improvement, through market research, procurement activities, building compliance audits and employee surveys.