Our Culture

At Pallett Valo, we are committed to empowering persons of all backgrounds to thrive and develop their full potential. We recognize the importance of including unique perspectives.  

Our aim is to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels they are recognized for their contribution to the success of the firm and our clients’ businesses. 

Respect and support should always be at the core of our client and employee interactions. With this in mind, we have policies, procedures, and practices in place to make this a reality. We also strive to identify and remove barriers in our recruitment, advancement and retention initiatives.

Accessibility & Inclusiveness

Committed to creating an inclusive organization, Pallett Valo has taken measures to create a comfortable environment for clients, visitors and employees.

This includes the implementation of a multi-year accessibility plan, creating a workplace free from harassment and discrimination, offering flexible work arrangements, ensuring gender neutrality in the wording of our policies, and upgrading of our facilities to provide gender neutral washrooms.

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Education & Awareness

We provide firm-wide educational training that supports diversity, equity and inclusiveness:

To educate our firm members about cultural events and other observances, we circulate a “Did you know?” article on a regular basis, and several times a year we provide a more in-depth experience about a cultural event or observance. Some recent examples include:

Our Committees