Statement of Commitment

Pallett Valo LLP is committed to creating an inclusive organization for its clients, visitors and employees. Inclusivity is at the heart of our value system specifically our core values of EXCELLENCE in what we do and provide, and RESPECT for each other, clients and the community in which we serve.

Inclusivity to us means providing our clients, visitors and employees an environment of inclusion and acceptance which includes accommodation and accessibility. This means striving to incorporate throughout our organization an inclusive mindset to minimize disabling situations for access to our firm, our website and our products, and that is created in a way that recognizes and supports dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity.


Customer Service Standards and Integrated Accessibility Standards

Accessibility and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

This accessibility policy and plan outlines the actions that Pallett Valo LLP has and will put in place to help support a barrier free environment and workplace for our clients, visitors and employees. Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines the timelines for the actions to take place. This Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will be reviewed every three years.

View our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan & Policies

Providing Services to Individuals With Disabilities

The firm is committed to excellence in serving all clients, and providing a respectful environment for all our clients and visitors. As such, for clients and visitors with disabilities, our firm will:

  • Provide access to services in a manner that takes into account an individual’s disability and respects the dignity and independence of that individual;
  • Communicate with individuals with disabilities in ways that take into account the disability, privacy and confidentiality;
  • Welcome individuals who may use assistive devices, and/or are accompanied by service animals and/or support persons.


All communication between firm members and any person with a disability will take into account the disability and that person’s preferred method of communication. Method of communication includes face to face, voice via phone, and electronic. Accommodation could include assistive devices, support persons, etc. Due to the nature of our work, it is of utmost importance that the method of accommodation chosen must consider our duty to privacy and confidentiality. It is very important to work with the individual with the disability to determine the most suitable method of accommodation in this regard.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Although Pallett Valo LLP does not use self-serve kiosks currently, we will ensure that the needs of individuals with disabilities are taken into account when designing, procuring or acquiring self-serve kiosks.

Design of Public Spaces

Pallett Valo LLP will meet the Design of Public Spaces Standards when building or making major modifications to public spaces, including the firm’s reception and waiting areas, meeting rooms and service counters. The firm will also put reasonable procedures in place to prevent service disruptions to accessible parts of these public spaces and to deal with the temporary disruptions when accessible elements required under these Standards are not in working order.

Notice of Temporary Disruptions in Services or Facilities

In the event of a planned service disruption where access to our office will be restricted on a temporary basis, notification will be posted on our website and posted in a conspicuous place in Reception. Our voice mail answering system will be updated and notification will be sent to all firm members. If a client meeting is scheduled to take place, all reasonable efforts will be made to contact the client to advice of the disruption. In the event of an unexpected disruption, notice will be provided as soon as reasonably possible to our clients attending scheduled appointments and by posting a notice on our website, and our phone answering systems.

Feedback Processes

Pallett Valo LLP will ensure that its feedback processes are accessible to persons with disabilities either at design, where possible, or upon request. This includes our client survey, seminar feedback surveys, and AODA/IAS feedback survey.

Education/Training Material

Pallett Valo LLP will provide any education/training material it produces such as newsletters, seminar materials, educational forums materials, etc. in accessible formats either at design where possible, or upon request.

Communication – Accessible Formats and Communication Support

Pallett Valo LLP is committed to creating communication systems that takes into account people with disabilities at the time of design, where possible. Upon request, Pallett Valo LLP will provide, or will arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities. This will be done in a timely manner and with the consultation of the person making the request. Pallett Valo LLP has implemented a plan to notify the public of accessible formats and communication supports.

Emergency Information and Procedures

Pallett Valo LLP will provide clients and visitors with publicly available emergency information in an accessible format upon request. Our firm provides individualized workplace emergency response plans for employees who have a disability, if the firm is made aware of the need. As the safety of our clients, visitors and employees is of the utmost importance, especially during an emergency situation, Pallett Valo LLP has installed systems by which our clients, visitors and employees can confidentially inform us of an accommodation that may be required and considered during an emergency situation.


Pallett Valo LLP has taken reasonable steps which includes a website audit, to ensure that its website is WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.


Pallett Valo LLP will provide training to employees, contractors, volunteers, vendors, and other persons who provide goods, services or facilities on behalf of the firm, at a minimum on the requirements set out in the Integrated Accessibility Standards and on the Ontario Human Rights Code. This training, especially as it relates to disabilities, has been integrated into our onboarding process, and ongoing training and education. A record of all training held will be kept.


Pallett Valo LLP is committed to providing a working environment that is based on respect for the dignity and rights of its employees. Our goal is to create a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination, and provides fair and inclusive systems and practices. As such the firm will:

  • make known to the public and its employees that, when requested, Pallett Valo LLP will accommodate individuals with disabilities during the recruitment and assessment period when posting job positions
  • notify all applicants that are being selected to participate in interviews that accommodations will be made in relation to the materials or processes used to accommodate individuals with disabilities
  • inform the successful applicant of its policies for accommodating employees with disabilities in the offer letter, and when they are hired:
    • the firm has put in place a process for developing individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities;
    • the firm has put in place a return to work process for employees who have been absent from work due to a disability and require disability-related accommodations in order to return to work;
    • the firm ensures that the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities are taken into account if using performance management, career development advancement, or redeployment processes; and
    • the firm will also take reasonable steps to prevent and remove other accessibility barriers that are identified.

Contact Information

For more information about the accessibility policy and plan, please contact us by:

Trevor Silver
Chief Operating Officer
77 City Centre Drive, Suite 300, Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5
Phone: 289.805.5744

Or mail, or in person at:
Pallett Valo LLP
77 City Centre Drive, Suite 300
Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5
Attention: Trevor Silver, Chief Operating Officer

AODA/IAS Feedback Form

Pallett Valo LLP welcomes input from persons with disabilities. This information can help us monitor and improve our systems and processes, and make improvements where necessary. This Feedback Survey is available in person from our receptionist as well as through our website. Comments can be made in person, by telephone, in writing and mailed to us or electronically.

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