Peel Law Association Honours Pallett Valo’s Anne Kennedy With Lifetime Achievement Award

Published on: March 2023 | News

Anne Kennedy and John Russo at the Peel Law Association Awards Ceremony

Anne Kennedy has been awarded the 2023 Peel Law Association Lifetime Achievement Award on March 30, 2023 at an award ceremony in recognition of her substantial contributions to the practice of law and the local community. It’s the Peel Law Association’s most prestigious award.

The PLA exists to promote, protect and advance the interests of its members by providing resources to enhance the practice of law.

Anne Kennedy joined Pallett Valo in 1990. She had two tenures as managing partner and was instrumental in bringing strategic planning, visioning and integration of values to the firm. Those efforts contributed to the firm’s success, tripling its size since 1997 and becoming a well-respected law firm, recognized as one of the top regional firms in the province. During her second tenure as managing partner, she prioritized expanding the firm’s reach through International Advisory Group (IAG). Anne is the go-to partner for issues around insurance, risk and conflicts of interest, and has been part of the firm’s management executive for many years.

What her colleagues and peers say about her: Anne is the steady foundation of Pallett Valo; always finds time to listen; always conducts herself with grace, honour and dignity, rising above the fray; always puts people first; a sharp legal mind; distils key legal issues on what’s important; the go-to-person for any work or personal issue; exemplary character with admirable morals and ethics; she puts people first.

Anne has been a staunch advocate for women’s rights in her community and professional life for over 40 years. In 1977, just before heading to law school, she was one of the founders of The Labrador West Status of Women Council in Labrador City, Newfoundland, an organization that was established to respond to the 1967 Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada and the discriminatory hiring practices of the local mining companies, as well as to address the state of women’s equality across the province. The organization is still thriving today, empowering woman to politicize their demands and take actions to improve day-to-day life for women, their families, their communities.

John Russo, Managing Partner at Pallett Valo, says: “Over the past 30 years, Anne has been instrumental at Pallett Valo in advancing significant initiatives pertaining to innovation, women advocacy, gender equality, mentorship, and strategic planning. Colleagues and peers hold her in highest regard. She is an exceptional leader and role model, and we’re pleased that her career-long commitment to others and to her work has been recognized. We congratulate Anne on receiving the PLA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”