Privacy Law and Canadian Law Applied in Business

Published on: March 2019 | News

Pallett Valo Lawyer: Ted Evangelidis

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Video Transcript

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(Text on screen: Ted Evangelides B.Sc. (Hons.), LL.B.
Partner – Commercial Litigation

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(Text on screen: On how this new law can be applied in business)

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I think anyone dealing with a client’s private and confidential information needs to take steps to properly secure it, make sure there is authorization to deal with it and appreciate that its disclosure, whether inadvertently or directly for commercial purposes or for some malicious intentional purpose could expose you. So any person or business that come into private information needs to make sure they properly warehouse store it and don’t misuse it.

I think obviously, there will be a necessity for proper cyber security measures and data storage and protection. There has to be limitations on the use and access to that information by employees of the business. Whether that information is collected or not for any bonafide business requirement, there should be some limitations on who can access it, when they can access it and how they can access it because it opens the door for litigation and liability.

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