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Past Events:

PV Women’s Network Speaker Series – Part One

Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Manley

Entrance Fee: Shoebox Gift or donation to the Shoebox Project

Topic: Striving for a Healthier You: Fit, Healthier and Happier Than Ever

Date: November 2018

Having comeback from depression to win an Olympic Medal, Manley speaks out on her struggles with Depression, and how she came back from it. Manley outlines the stigma of mental illness and talks about dealing with it and helping others.

Post Olympics, Manley shares her experiences with losing loved ones to many of today’s diseases. Manley speaks about her experience with losing her mother to Ovarian Cancer, and her father from Alzheimer’s. She opens her heart and talks candidly about taking on the role as caregiver.

Like many people, Manley had a long struggle with weight issues. She presents on when and why her struggle with her weight began, her associated health challenges, as well as the social stigma associated with being overweight (especially for an Olympian). Although it’s an everyday challenge, her presentation ends with discussing how she deals with these obstacles in her way to become more fit, healthier and happier than ever!

PV Women’s Network Speaker Series – Part Two 

Welcome to the second event of three in our PV Women’s Network Speaker Series.

Speaker: Sherry Strong

Topic: The Malnourished Brain

Topic Overview:
Discover everyday foods and habits that can actually be causing damage to your most powerful business tool: your brain.
In this session, you will learn how everything you ingest can impact your brain and how you nourish your brain with food and habits that can make a massive difference to how you perform and enjoy life.

Charity supported: Habitat for Humanity

Date: January 2019

PV Women’s Network Speaker Series – Part Three 

Speaker:  Louise Blais

Topic: Change the “why” to change the “x”… where “x” = greater stress resilience and health.

Topic Overview:
Exercise has been shown to be the single most important thing you can do each day to improve your health and reduce your stress, and still…we don’t do it…either at all, or enough. Join Louise Blais, a Human Kinetics professor and behaviour change researcher to learn how to make behaviour change stick; especially around physical activity. In this workshop you will learn simple and practical ways to make change an easier process around multiple behaviours; with a strong focus on changing the one behaviour, that can change your life the most.

Charity supported: Sistering

Date: May 2019

PV Women’s Network Habitat for Humanity Build

The PV Women’s Network participated in the Bristow-Law Build Project, a Habitat for Humanity build in the Peel region. The project will result in two semi-attached houses that will be able to serve up to eight families with additional basement units later on.  Plenty of hammering and good times were had by all, and we managed to surpass our donation goal by $1,000!  Way to go PV Women’s Network!

Charity supported: Habitat for Humanity

Date: September 2019

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