Practice Gems: Probate Essentials 2022

Event Category: External Event
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Registration: $210

Law Society of Ontario

Proper probating of a will is a foundational aspect of wills and estates practice. But with all of the changes in this field and the stresses that the probate system is under, it’s incumbent upon you to have your steps completed quickly and properly so that you can keep the file moving ahead. Join experts in this area who can give you the benefit of the tips they use to work collaboratively with financial institutions and registrars to keep your application moving forward.

  • Learn about common application filing mistakes with the new forms
  • Consider how to avoid communication issues with clients, beneficiaries, and others
  • Hear a banker’s view on estate accounts, discretion for non-probate, and timelines
  • Understand when and how to use “Heir-at-Law” applications and the 3-year vesting of real estate

Please view the Law Society of Ontario’s website for detailed workshop information and pricing.

Pallett Valo Speakers:

Craig Ross, Partner


9:00AM – 12:00PM