Ann Twigg

Distils complex real estate matters into pragmatic goal-oriented steps.

Ann Twigg assists large and small developers, individuals and businesses with their real estate matters.

Her clients appreciate her ability to listen to their concerns and translate complex issues into easy-to-understand language and provide concise advice on the best way forward. A deep understanding of the real estate sector and her client-centric approach enable her to achieve consistently the best outcome for her clients.

While representing clients in commercial purchases, sales and financing, Ann has developed considerable expertise in complex title matters. She facilitates applications for absolute title, severances, and easement registrations. She also assists clients with larger refinancing and private mortgages. When required, she advises on HST in real estate transactions.

Furthermore, Ann assists developers in negotiating and understanding agreements with municipalities and satisfying plan of subdivision conditions. These include drafting and registering complex easements, land dedications, severances and other conditions.

Accustomed to working on large files involving multiple properties and complex title issues, her in-depth understanding of real estate processes enables her to discern core issues and resolve matters speedily. These includes financing, purchasing and land development.

Aware of the time-critical nature of real estate matters, her unique experience includes foreseeing and addressing issues before they arise, as well as resolving unanticipated title or transactional issues quickly. Ann is experienced in negotiating resolutions when problems arise in closings that involve other parties, or outstanding title or off-title issues.

When it comes to commercial contracts, she consults on agreements of purchase and sale, leases, land leases, cost sharing, and tieback and crane swing agreements. Keeping abreast of developments in planning legislation, she advises clients regarding Planning Act subdivision control issues.

Ann has appeared on behalf of clients before the former O.M.B. and the Board of Negotiation for Expropriation matters.

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