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Family Business Law

We’re In The Family Business®

Successful succession of a business is one of the most important issues facing business owners today. This is why Pallett Valo LLP is proud to formally introduce the Family Business Law Group. With decades of rich experience in corporate, estate planning and conflict resolution, the Family Business Law Group of Pallett Valo LLP is uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the succession planning process, which is essential to the well-being of our clients and their businesses.

At Pallett Valo LLP, client service is a family affair. We have been there for many of our clients since the beginning, and have witnessed their businesses grow and evolve. We have seen their children become adults, and take part in the family enterprise, or find their own path, and throughout we have provided our clients with the piece of mind that comes with sound, objective advice to guide them through important decisions.

A comprehensive approach to succession planning requires multidisciplinary expertise. The Family Business Law Group of Pallett Valo LLP provides our clients with the legal expertise necessary to guide and protect them during this process, while working with the clients’ accountants, banks, and financial advisors, and consulting with trusted experts to ensure our clients realize the full value of a lifetime’s work, and have the opportunity to preserve and protect their legacy. Managing the development and execution of a succession plan often requires special skills and understanding, making business coaches and mediators invaluable tools which the Family Business Law Group may call on as part of our comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

The Family Business Law Group of Pallett Valo LLP has the expertise to guide family business owners through the process of succession planning, and our right-sized-thinking approach ensures our services will be tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We’re in the Family Business®


While succession planning is a significant issue facing today’s family business owners, the Family Business Law Group of Pallett Valo LLP provides its clients with the best advice and guidance on many issues facing family-owned businesses, including:

  • Acting for purchasers and vendors in the sale or purchase of businesses;
  • Implementing estate freezes and other corporate/estate planning strategies;
  • Corporate organization for effective creditor and tax planning;
    Resolution of disputes involving shareholders, directors, and management; and
  • Facilitating partner, shareholder, and family member buy-outs and reorganizations


We have used over 10 Pallett Valo lawyers on different matters and find that they are always responsive.
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