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Workplace Audits

Pallett Valo’s workplace audits are an opportunity to identify gaps in compliance, or areas of exposure to liability in your workplace. Our employment lawyers review workplace policies and procedures, and other key documents, such as employment contracts and termination letters, to ensure that employers are compliant with ever-changing workplace-related laws and regulations, and engaging in workplace best practices that reduce risk and save time and money.

Our workplace audits can be customized to your workplace, and may include:

  • A privacy audit to ensure that your workplace has an effective privacy policy and procedures in place that are compliant with the privacy legislation applicable to your workplace;
  • A workplace policy audit to identify whether your workplace has the legally required policies in place, whether policies and related procedures should be revised or updated, and recommendations for additional policies your workplace should have; and
  • A review of key workplace documents such as employment agreements, consulting agreements, discipline and/or termination related documents, and confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements

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